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Choose the plastic bottle principle
Jul 18, 2017

1. No matter what choice do plastic raw materials, you must conform to the requirements of the non-toxic, no smell, etc, because of the Lord is a great variety of raw materials, which requires comprehensive performance of materials may be chosen, general tablet chooses high density polyethylene, polypropylene bottles, such as need transparency can choose polyester (PET) bottle, such as the need to cut off performance is higher, and the light resistance, opaque, choose brown PET bottles, liquid dosage form drug of polypropylene or polyester bottles is generally selected as the main raw material. At present, domestic nutrition health products and food packaging bottles are mainly made of PET material or HPDE, and the bottle cap is made of PP material 

2. Sealing and water vapor permeability of bottle body and cover. The sealing and water vapor permeability are two important technical indexes of plastic bottle, which have important influence on the stability of the packaging products. 

3. Quality standard of plastic bottle products. From the product quality standard of the production plant, it can be analyzed to judge the quality of products. 

4. Quality assurance system. Auditing the suppliers is an essential part of the purchase of plastic bottles. Through auditing, we can comprehensively and correctly evaluate the software, hardware and facilities, technical equipment and quality level of the manufacturing plant. 

5, used in medicine, nutrition, health care products, food packaging drinks absolutely cannot use recycled materials of the ministry of health issued "health food in plastic products and raw materials management measures have a clear rules:" every processing plastic tableware, containers, food packaging materials, shall not use recycled plastic." The regulations were promulgated on November 26, 1990. 

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